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Iron Mugs from

Nerves of Stainless Steel

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Durable Mugs for

Tough Men

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Real Men Drink from

Real Stainless Steel

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Mugs made for iron men and women

The Iron Man Mug is a stainless steel, 16.9 ounce double walled insulated mug that keeps your beer or beverage colder and lasting longer. Iron man mug is made from Nerves of stainless steel, durable walled, for tough men and women. Radiate masculinity – just like the Iron man and Iron woman who drinks from it.

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When you buy Iron Man Mug or Hydrate Flask Water Bottle, you become part of a great philanthropic effort in support of Bottom Line. For nearly 20 years, Bottom Line has been lifting young people and their families out of poverty by helping them get into college, graduate from college and go far in life by helping them begin a career. For every item purchased Bottom Line will receive 15% of the proceeds. Here at IRON MAN MUG, we don't just want you to enjoy our unique product line; we want you to feel good too! There are many rewards to giving, but none as rewarding as knowing you’ve contributed to impacted someone’s life. This year Bottom Line will support 5,000 low-income, first-generation students from Boston, Worcester, New York and Chicago; with plans to expand to Atlanta.